Nyskolen – A different school

 This is an assignment written by 9th grader Sara Jonsdatter Almaas – published here on our website with permission – and pride!

Saksmøte. Privat barneskole i Oslo. Demokratisk barneskole i Oslo. Skole for nysgjerrighet, lærelyst og livsglede.

Saksmøte i Ringen

This school was established in 2004 and some of the teachers have worked at this school for 16 years! This school is located at Galgeberg in Oslo, Norway. This is a very unique, and private school. There are no schools that are completely similar to Nyskolen, and I am going to tell you all about how Nyskolen stands out.

The first reason why I like it here is because of the social environment! I feel like I don’t need to stress about how I look, I can really have a bad hair day, but still feel comfortable. It looks like almost everybody feels like they can be themselves. There’s no bullying, no one here is homophobic and almost no drama!

Maybe the reason why there’s a good social environment, is because this school is so small. The classes are very small and there are few teachers. This school has approximately 100 students and about 20 teachers. We are about 30 students in the middle school, and in elementary school there are 70 students, because here at Nyskolen we have a middle school and an elementary school. The classes are also mixed age, so some of the students in one class can be 13 years old and some can be up to 16 years old. But when you are in the class, you don’t feel that some of your friends are younger or older.

The second reason is that everyone gets a warm lunch every day. All the students are divided into groups to either cooking, dish washing or cleaning stairs a few times a month, not often, but occasionally.

The third reason that I think makes Nyskolen unique is that we have school meetings on wednesdays where the whole school shows up and participates in discussions about the changes we want for Nyskolen. We have the chance to vote if we agree or don’t agree. And we also have “ungdomsmøtet” the last hour on friday and the primary school has “barnetrinnsmøtet” early on tuesdays.

One of the other reasons is that we have 6 different schedules in one semester, and the different schedules have latin names. The schedule we had in october 2016 – november 2016 named “Heureka” had a theme about social media that was called “From Gutenberg To Zuckerberg”. But the schedule we have at the moment is called “Tempus Taedium”. So we don’t have the same schedules the whole year!

Here we have an amazing environment, small classes, it’s easy to tell the school what you think should be better, different schedules and awesome teachers! I really hope there will be more schools like this in the future! Less bullying, better environment, less drama and more efficient classes.

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